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Home Remedies to Remove Unwanted Body Hair

Home Remedies to Remove Unwanted Body Hair Unwanted body hairs do not have some especial function in your body and so that nobody wants to deal with that problem. You rather feel yourself uncomfortable with these unwanted body hair as it directly impacts on your appearance. In medical, this problem is called as hirsutism that is the common problem among men and women. Causes and Symptoms of Unwanted Body Hair Approximately 10 percent of women are affected by hirsutism reported by the Indian Journal of Dermatology. It can be caused due to the hormonal imbalances in the body and use of certain medications. Other related issues might be the PCOS and adrenal gland disorder. Sometimes, this problem can be caused due to the cancer or tumor of the adrenal gland or ovaries. The hairs appear on legs, face, arms, armpits, back and bikini area and that is one of the cosmetic problems faced by the women. Instant use of products and certain medications along with the services appoin

Home Remedies for Brittle Nails

Home Remedies for Brittle Nails Hands and feet are actually thought to be the most important sign of your beauty and it reveals that you really love to care them. Brittle nails spoil all of your beauty if it does not care properly.   It is commonly seen that brittle nails are very weak and can easily cracked without any effort is such an irritating problem. This problem annoys more if the cracked nail is stuck in something. It affects both men and women. The three main factors that are the usual causes of having brittle nails: Aging Long term use of nail polish Frequent exposure to water Some of the diseases are also found in the history of the causes of brittle nails such as hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, psoriasis, lichen planus, lung diseases, eczema, fungal infection and anemia. Other causes include exposure to certain chemicals that would be harsh for your nails, dehydration, nail paint remover, surviving in excessively dry environment, lack of nutrition, de

Home Remedies for Perioral Dermatitis (Red Bumps Around the Mouth)

Home Remedies for Perioral Dermatitis (Red Bumps Around the Mouth) Perioral dermatitis is also known as periorificial dermatitis which is a kind of inflammatory rash appears on the face around the mouth. There is an unknown fact for this problem. However, it seems according to the experts that it can be caused after using topical steroid creams for face. Not only the face creams that contain petroleum or a paraffin base but it can also be appeared with nasal sprays that contain corticosteroids. There are some other factors that depend upon this condition in which bacterial and fungal infections are included, constant drooling, and use of fluoridated toothpaste, oral contraceptives and sunscreen. Perioral dermatitis is most commonly appeared in young women but sometimes it also affects men and children as well. In most of the cases, people who have a history of allergies or hormonal imbalance can be at the higher risk of suffering from this problem. The most seen sympt