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How to Get Smooth, Clear and Glowing Skin at Home

How to Get Smooth, Clear and Glowing Skin at Home Who does not want to have a beautiful clear and spotless skin, every woman wants to get the picture-perfect, flawless and clear skin that is the most important element of her beauty. Healthy skin always makes you feel fresh and smooth. To take care of your skin, you have to focus on your lifestyle and habits and about the products you are going to be choosing for your skin care routine and regimen. These two things matters a lot if you prefer to stay happy with that. Some of the factors are there that depend upon the dull texture and bad quality of your skin are lack of sleep, lots of stress, pollution, nutrition, damage due to UV sunrays, excessive smoking and drinking alcohol. There are approximately thousands of different skin care products easily available in the market to get clear and glowing skin. But sometimes, these products are a kind of disaster for your skin as they never give you any benefit but make your skin d

Home Remedies for Pink Eye (Conjunctivitis)

Home Remedies for Pink Eye (Conjunctivitis) Conjunctivitis is a common problem among all the age groups and is an irritating condition along with the symptoms like itching, redness, tearing, inflammation and burning sensations. Pink eye can be caused by bacteria, virus, or allergic reactions. Identification of bacterial infection is that it will cause both of your eyes accompanied by pus draining from the eyes continuously. In the viral infection, it tends to affect one eye first then on the other eye. The discharge comes out of the eyes is clear and watery. But in both of these cases, the condition is highly suspicious. If we talk about allergic conjunctivitis, so it causes similar symptoms that affect both the eyes and cause watery discharge. Allergic reactions include pollen, smoke, air pollution, makeup, eye drops and dust mites. Home remedies are here to solve this problem as a natural treatment. Sometimes the pink eye becomes worse and cause severe pain, disturbed t