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DIY Natural Chamomile Foaming Hand Soap

DIY Natural Chamomile Foaming Hand Soap Simple needs and simple life is a challenging task for oneself. Here I’m talking about the soap which is really a common use of everyone. Have you ever thought about the soap that you are using? I am telling you the truth about that it is loaded with many harmful chemicals, fillers, preservatives and we do not know what kind of ingredients are found in it. When you use any kind of soap on your body, the chemicals are absorbed in your body and thus it can react sometimes and produce many side effects. So here I am sharing you a best castle soap remedy which is so simple to make as a replacement of other soaps. Do not worry; it never harms you as it is made with natural oils and no harmful toxins. Castle soap is actually hand soap but you can do variations in it by doing experiments. It’s totally up to you that how you use it. All you need is the natural ingredients so here we go for the coconut oil and chamomile that are amazing enough t