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How to Tighten Your Skin Under Eyes

With the increasing age, you may look older from your body and especially the appearance of eyes is the initial symptom. The saggy eyes start to appear after the mid-forties as a sign of aging sometimes visible very earlier and all the time and sometimes visible while smiling or laughing. Many kinds of treatments are available for the loose skin problem such as different surgical methods, over-the-counter eye creams and lotions but sometimes it may affect the skin badly and cause skin burn or other kinds of problems. Due to the delicacy of the skin surrounding the eyes may need some natural treatments which when done regularly, it will give you a satisfied result. How to Tighten Skin Under Eyes 1. Use an astringent under your eyes You should use an astringent around your eyes for the immediate result. It will help to tighten the skin under your eyes along with tightening the pores and control the oil. You can prepare your own natural astringent using the parsley

How to Pop Pimples without Scarring your Skin

How to Pop Pimples without Scarring your Skin Pimples are the fact of nature and we all got them either male or female. Pimples start to appear at the teenage and adults. Even pimples affect babies in the case of baby acne. Popping a pimple is not a big deal. You can do it but in this case, you should know how to pop it correctly. Any aesthetician will never suggest you to pop your pimples yourself, but sometimes squeezing the pimple is great that you do it at your home and never need to go at the salons. If you do not know how to pop and you take an attempt then it can cause infection and acne scarring. So you have to know how to pop pimples to avoid any worse condition. Here in this article, you will find a correct and proper way to pop the pimples in order to prevent the skin scarring and other worse cases. Things you will need: A washcloth Anti-bacterial soap Hot water Cotton balls or pads A thin needle or pin Antibiotic cream Paper towels Isopro

DIY Rejuvenating “Japanese” Face Mask

Rice as we all know is a great ally for the skin. The grains of rice are specifically used in preparing the scrub in order to exfoliate and remove the dead skin cells, not only this but its water makes the skin hydrate all the way long, regenerates and firms the skin. Have you ever think about how the skin gets rejuvenated while applying the face packs for getting it brighter as before, increasing the elasticity and tonicity? These are just miracles. I am introducing you about “Japanese” face mask, have you ever heard about that? No, then read this article and avail yourself about this economic face mask. The Benefits of Rice to Rejuvenate the Face We all are so sensible about our skin so we spend lots of money over buying various cream and cosmetics. In spite of knowing that those creams and formulas are made up of natural ingredients but at some extent, these are obviously synthesized and mixed with different artificial ingredients so they must have some side effects, e