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How to Get Rid of Peeling Skin on Hands, Palms and Finger Tips

Home Remedies to Get Rid of Peeling Skin on Hands, Palms and Finger Tips The skin around the palms and fingers is very much delicate and sensitive so it is common that those areas get peeled. If you never try to keep your hands in the proper care then you may suffer this problem of peeling fingertips. It is embarrassing and cause so much discomfort and worry. Many causes might affect this problem but some of them are dry skin, eczema , sunburn, cold and dry weather, use of harsh chemicals, frequent washing of hands, and allergies. Infections like fungal infections , vitamin deficiencies, staph infections and others. It is not a big issue if you see the peeling skin on hands, palms and fingertips; it’s a temporary worrier and settled down in few days automatically after the new skin is generated in those areas. If you feel the problem and discomfort regarding the peeling skin then you can apply natural treatments at your own staying at home. Here these are: 1.  Warm Wa

How to Pop Blackheads

How Can You Safely Pop Blackheads Blackhead is something annoying when developed on the face, especially on the nose area. The first thing comes in mind after seeing the dirty blackhead is squeezing but in this case, you would have to learn that how to pop them in a proper way. The popping plays a significant role and correct the problem immediately but you should care about it and do some tricks and changes in your lifestyle in order to stop them from clogging up again. Read the entire article in which you will find the exact way to get rid of the blackheads and the right way of popping them. Should You Squeeze All Blackheads? Blackheads actually look old and extremely black so you can easily find out on your face. Squeezing the common way to treat the blackheads as it clears the pores but unfortunately they fill up again on the same areas. But it should not be popped because it can cause damage to the surrounding skin. How to Pop (Squeeze) Blackheads Properly B

12 Foods to Eat Yourself Skinny

12 Foods Help to Reduce your Weight without Leaving you Hungry Every food has its own metabolic pathway in your body and they go through the different processes. Not all the calories are equal. When they get reached inside your body, they work on your hormones, hunger and how many calories you burn. According to the research, it has been found that there are some special foods to which you can eat plenty as much you want but these will still work to lose your weight. So here we come with a list of the top 12 foods for reducing the weight without leaving you hungry. By the continue eating, you will surely notice the pounds fall off. So let’s begin from now. Also See, How to Lose 15 Pounds in One Month Without Exercise 1.  Grapefruit Grapefruits contain low calories but high enzymes. They are enriched with carbohydrates so you can feel yourself energized and full for a long period of time. A compound present in grapefruit that helps in lowering the insulin levels to lose we

DIY Rice Water Toner for Perfect Skin

DIY Rice Water Toner If you have not tried to wash your face with rice water, then you need to try it. This DIY rice water contains only two ingredients, white rice and water. It will help to purify and give a good tone for your skin. This recipe has been used for many years by the Japanese and they have clean skin and fair complexion. This DIY toner contains many beneficial skin properties like Vitamin B1, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and minerals so this DIY toner will cure the acne, scars, dark spots, shrink the open pores and prevent the wrinkles, fine lines and crow’s feet. This DIY rice water toner is easy to make and it gives you soft and clean skin just after the first use. Here is the recipe. Ingredients 1. Rice – Half Cup (any kind will work, but I prefer either Jasmine or white rice) 2. Water – 2 Cups Directions 1. First wash the rice to remove the dirt, and then put the rice into a pot and cover with water. 2. Stir with the hands until the water