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Home Remedies for Water Retention

Home Remedies for Fluid & Water Retention Water and fluid retention is a common problem and everyone can be going through this. If you ever feel swollen feet or bloated so you can’t be able to put shoes? In medical terms, it is known as edema. Water retention refers as the accumulation of excessive fluid in body tissues. The most common body parts are feet and legs but sometimes, it can affect other body parts as well. The most common factors depends upon water retention would be high intake of sodium, poor blood circulation, lack of exercise, vitamin deficiencies, venous insufficiency, pregnancy, stress, menstruation, exposure to high altitudes, hot weather, high blood pressure, heart disease, kidney disease, lung disease, liver disease, thyroid disorders, intake of several medications and oral contraceptive pills. The important and usual symptom might be seen in water retention is swelling and puffiness in the affected body parts. Due to this problem, you may suf

Home Remedies for Corns on Feet

Natural Ways to Get Rid of Corns on Feet When the skin is loaded with the excessive pressure of friction then there would be a chance for the skin to become hard and thickened. Corns are developed mostly on the feet on the sides of the top of the toes, soles of your feet and in between the toes. Other body parts could also be the victim. Most common causes are walking or running with the ill-fitting shoes and standing at the same place for the long period of time wearing the tight shoes or high heels. Other aims might be wearing shoes without socks or walking without shoes and manual labor, participation in sports activities put pressure on the feet. Those people with bunions or hammertoes, damaged sweat glands, scars or warts are usually recognized with the corn’s feet. The diabetic patients and other conditions similar to that which cause blood flow to the feet may be at higher risk of getting corns on feet. Get treated by the foot doctor in this case. See Here, How