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How to Grow Nails Faster

Home Remedies to Grow Nails Faster It’s every woman’s dream to have beautiful long nails which add beauty in their hands. But it is a bat that if you have longer nails, they must be healthy and strong. Hair and nails are cared alike as they both contain a protein named keratin. Toenails do not grow fast as compare to fingernails. Fingernails grow about one-tenth of inch each month. But some people have slow growth. There are definitely some solid reasons behind slow growing nails like aging process, hormonal differences in body, health problems, medications, nutritional deficiencies, chemotherapy. If you see a new born baby, his nail growth will be much faster and it continues till his puberty, similarly in pregnant women. People with poor health or due to some other factors, can never have healthy nails. The results of nail growth will be opposite to their expectation such as brittle nails, splitting, breakage and other related issues. Concentrate on healthy eating a

Home Remedies for Open Pores

Home Remedies for Open Pores Open pores known to be the biggest problem of the skin as it can develop acne, blackheads and scars on the face. It interferes your beauty so it really matters. People with oily skin can easily get open pores. The dirt, bacteria and excess amount of sebum secretion is the reason of the clogged pores and the other problems begin to develop from open pores like acne, blackheads and scars make the pores more visible and larger. The reason would be definitely the long time exposure to the sun because it tends to damage the skin collagen, therefore your skin losses elasticity of the walls of the pore canals. As the life passes, there is an increasing activity of the open pores and losing the elasticity. Other aspects of open pores include poor skin care, genetic factors and stress that could effect on your skin. There are millions of cosmetic products available in the market but each and every product contains some harsh chemicals that would not be

How to Get Rid of Syringoma

How to Get Rid of Syringoma Syringoma sounds very strange but actually it has been named because of the overactive sweat or you can say that inactivity of eccrine glands. Syringomas appear like bumps on the area where you find more sweat and these are completely harmless. Mostly the teenagers and women suffer from this problem. Syringomas develop on the upper part of the cheeks and the lower part of the eyelids. This is actually a type of skin condition but most likely seems in the diabetic patients and the people with Down’s syndrome. Signs and Symptoms Syringoma has a scientific name called dermal papules which is small and fresh colored bumps on the skin around the upper cheeks, lower eyelids, chest, forehead, armpits, abdomen and external genitalia. The dermal papules are visible clearly, cystic, round and flat. Syringoma has a specific identification that it appears like a colony or a bunch of clusters on both sides of the body at the same time. Only one l

How to Get Tan for Super Light Girls

DIY Self Tanner for Fair Skin Many people like to have a nice golden tan. Tan and shiny body mostly like in Western culture as a mark of sex-appeal and beauty. There are some traditional methods used to get a tan like sunbath. Also there are many choices available to help you get a quick tan without sunlight, such as spray tans or self-tanning lotions. Having a tan gives you a glow that makes you look healthy rather than pasty and pale. It can also make you look slimmer. Here are two best and easy DIY Self Tanner tip to get tan quickly. 1st DIY Self Tanner Ingredients 2 tbsp Cocoa Powder (depending in how tan you want to be.) Any Moisturizer An Empty Bottle Instructions Take and empty bottle and add 2 tbsp of cocoa powder (you can increase quantity depending how tan you want to be) then add enough quantity of any moisturizer in it. Now mix it gently. your natural tanner become ready. It is good for super light girls. 2nd DIY Self Tanner T