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How to Stop Biting your Nails

How to Stop Biting your Nails Nail biting is generally an addiction starts from the childhood and if does not stop, it continues to the adulthood. Nail biting leads to the damaging of tissues around the skin that tends to make nail growth and the nails feel sore. Due to nail biting, the infection, viruses and harmful bacteria are passed from your nails to your mouth and then intestine. A child is so delicate so he will be attacked immediately. Many side effects have been noticed due to nail biting and one of the major things is that nail biting makes your nails looking ugly. Here are some tips recommended from the dermatologists in order to stop nail biting as quickly as possible: 1.   Keep your nails trimmed short: Less growth of nail will help in stopping the nail biting. 2.   Apply bitter-tasting nail polish to your nails: This nail polish will not reach you any harm but being awful in taste, it dismays people from nail biting habit. 3.   Get regular manicures: T

Home Remedies for Stretch Marks

Home Remedies for Stretch Marks Stretch marks are due to the skin irritation, inflammation, itching and pregnancy.  Most affected areas for stretch marks are abdomen, thighs, arms, legs, buttocks and breasts . There are many aspects belong to the stretch marks that cover the larger surface of the skin such as gaining weight and loss in weight, growth of muscles, inheritance, stress and changes in physical body structure and conditions. Stretch marks can easily visible on the skin layer. While skin contains three main layers. 1. Epidermis (outer layer) 2. Dermis (middle layer) 3. Subcutaneous or hypodermic (deepest layer) Middle layer is the specific layer where the stretch marks are formed as the connective tissue is present in between the layers so that it gets stretched due to the muscle contraction and expansion of the skin. A compound called collagen is present in the skin which works in the prevention of the layers of the skin. The cycle and normal

How to Stop Breastfeeding

How to Wean from Breastfeeding It is strictly necessary for the baby to have breastfeeding for the first six years of her life. After six months, the stomach of the baby needs different food and taste so you should give her soft foods like mashed banana, cereal, etc. along with the breast milk. When your baby’s age reached to one year, now there is a time to grow with eating fruits, vegetables and other foods rich in vitamins and minerals. So this is the time when you can decide to stop breastfeeding completely called weaning your baby from your breast. You will need to give her a little amount first of formula milk instead of breast milk with gradually increasing the amount so the baby’s stomach can accept the formula milk. For the change, you can mix breast milk and formula milk together. Yes, it is a disappointing and emotional experience for a mother to give up breastfeeding to her child but on the other hand, she seems happy that her baby is finally backed with

Do you know the Warning Signs of Breast Cancer

Do you know the Warning Signs of Breast Cancer? Breast cancer is widely diagnosed in women throughout the world. The ratio of breast cancer is increasing along with the skin cancer today as compare to the past history of cancer. Any women from the middle age to the old age can develop breast cancer. There are some rare factors that depend upon this situation and take it to the higher risk but still the specific cause is not distinct. The nearest factors of breast cancer may be include age factor, genetic inheritance of breast cancer, obesity, sedentary lifestyle, excessive consumption of alcohol and drinking, exposure to the sun rays, hormone replacement therapy during menopause, ionizing radiation, menstruation starts at an early age and having late child birth. You would be amazed to know that men can also develop breast cancer in them. Annual mammography screenings are the necessary prescription for the women having breast cancer and they would have less chances of dea

Breastfeeding May Increase Children’s IQ? Really?

Breastfeeding May Increase Children’s IQ? Really? The study established by Scientific American online reporting that breast-feeding is the main part for growing the IQ level in children. Scientists have been studied the difference between the IQ of the children who were breast-feeding and those who were not. It had been a wonderful work of the scientists to follow the kids for seven years to study them perfectly. There were around 468 children under the observation of scientists. They desire being appreciated for their countless remarks. They have showed that IQ level of a child who breast-fed for 3 months is 2.1 points higher than the child who was on bottle. If a child who breast-fed for about six months, the IQ level is double at 3.8 points higher than the other who did not breast-feed. Let’s Consider the Basic Facts on IQ Here Out of the overall control group, if the IQ difference of 2 or 3.8 points is considered so it is not that much motivated. The avera