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Home Remedies for Sore Nipples

Causes and Natural Treatment of Sore Nipples & Breast Sore nipples or painful nipples are common among 80% of women in the world. Every woman goes through the pregnancy during her lifetime and especially sore nipples happen to those women who are breastfeeding their infants. Usually the new born baby feels difficulty in latching or handling the nipples so he tries to suck the milk with his full effort so this cause of having sore nipples. There may be other reasons of sore nipples like wearing the wrong size bra, exercising without paper sports bra, injury or any kind of wound near the chest or nipple area. One and the most important cause would be the excessive dry skin which causes cracks on the nipples. As you go through the entire process of pregnancy or in premenstrual syndrome, there must be changes in your hormone. Several other causes of sore nipples may be the health problems including the skin infection, mastitis, and thrush and breast cancer. There are

How to Get Rid of Pregnancy Stretch Marks

Home Remedies for Stretch Marks Stretch marks are appeared on the abdominal area while during the period of pregnancy. It is because of continues itching on abdomen which is extremely unbearable. So here are the most recommended home remedies to remove pregnancy marks and also avoid the marks by making your own moisturizers. Usually stretch marks appear after the pregnancy in women. It is may be the cause of hormonal changes, fat loss in the abdomen after delivery, loosing elasticity of skin and others. Stretch marks are just like the fine lines that are developed around the areas where the fat is accumulated. The other areas like stomach, chest, belly bottom and thighs are also affected. Stretch marks can be removed gradually. The marks will not be vanished instantly or quickly. You need some patience while doing the treatment at home. There are many treatments of getting rid of stretch marks like surgical treatments, creams, lotions. The surgical treatments are expensive

Home Remedies for Prickly Heat

Home Remedies for Sweat Rash / Prickly Heat Summer is actually a time of having things cool and refreshment all the time. It is a pleasant time period of the year at some extent, but on the other hand some people greatly suffer the summer season as a big nightmare due to having prickly heat or you can know it as heat rash or sweat rash. The medical term of prickly heat is miliaria. Prickly heat commonly appears on the skin and is happened to the children, adults and even new born babies. People who live in hot and humid climates are the victims of this problem. Those people go through the excessive sweating and thus the sweat glands are blocked. Gradually, it irritates the skin and then result in prickly heat. Some other conditions of having prickly heat are bacterial infections and underdeveloped sweat glands. Prickly heat can appear anywhere on the body, but it usually affects the feet, back, neck, mole, armpits, abdomen, hands and upper chest. Symptoms The co

16 Homemade Pregnancy Testers

Homemade Pregnancy Test That Work Woman’s urine is the most important thing to identify the sign of pregnancy either positive or negative. The sample of woman’s urine is used to check the early pregnancy result in the modern era. The ancient Egyptians had a unique way of testing the pregnancy like the Egyptian physicians used to pour the woman’s urine on a mixture of grains, if any one of the grains germinated; the result was thought to be positive. This technique was supposed to be inaccurate sometimes. The modern techniques then used by the scientists for the determination of pregnancy by different methods and after the little success, the late HCG pregnancy strip was invented in 1968 by Margaret Crane. Now all the women from the world can easily check the pregnancy at home. The HCG strip can be easily available at the chemist shops. On the other hand, the blood test is also done for the confirmation of pregnancy result. Signs of Pregnancy There are some early or late sy