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How to do Smoky Eye Makeup

Top 10 Smoky Eyes Tutorial The smoky eyes have been the sexiest and gorgeous look. It is popular among the different kinds of makeup that you will see the celebrities and models in the magazine prefer smoky eye makeup. The dramatic and classy smoky look changes your face like that it never had before. The smoky makeup draws an attention towards your face. It is recommended to be done probably in the evening time when you have to join in the party, wedding etc. You can do smoky eyes with different sort of points and techniques due to which you can create an amazing and drastic change on your look. Here you will find the 10 smoky eyes tutorials with the step by step instructions that will make your work done with ease and comfort. 1.  Dark Smoky Eyes (Makeup Steps) Apply the eye shadow base or primer all over your eyes Now apply the black eye shadow over your eye lid with the help of brush. Take a blending brush and blend the black eye shadow from the eye lid to the c

How to Remove Makeup

6 Home Remedies to Remove Makeup We usually see that working women regularly needs a kind of soft and elegant makeup. The necessity of makeup for those women is just because they want to look confident and for this purpose they should know the basic needs of how to do makeup and its regular easy removing technique.  If once you know how to remove makeup at home, you will never go through the expensive and harsh products of makeup removers. There are many ways of home remedies that you can easily do at your home for removing makeup and the main benefit of using this is it never lead your skin to any side effects like that of such harsh and severe products. You should be sure about the type of your skin at the first stage, after that the choosing of ingredients is important. Before applying makeup remover, you must have to wash your face properly. If you use a dermatological face wash then it will be best. Here are some amazing and good tips of removing makeup can be easily

How to Increase Breast Milk Production

10 ways to Boost Breast Milk Production The woman at the first time of its pregnancy gets worried after the delivery that her breast milk is produced in the adequate amount or not. Every woman has different systematic condition of body; some women produce enough amount of breast milk at the time when baby sucks the nipples for the first time. After that, she gets aware about her breast milk production whenever she feeds a baby. Some women cannot be able to produce an adequate amount of breast milk. There may be the most possible reasons for the body of women to not produce a sufficient quantity of breast milk such as certain illnesses, weakness, and consumption of birth-control pills, hormonal imbalance in the body, nutritional deficiencies, and improper latching position of the baby or cracked nipples. Mother feed is very essential for the baby because it can protect the baby from all kinds of severe illnesses as the breast milk known to be an antibiotic supplement for

How to Do Facial at Home

Step by Step (Normal, Fruit, Gold, Pearl)  Facial at Home For getting the flawless and healthy skin, you must concentrate on the cleansing, toning and moisturizing in your daily routine. You would have to do an enough effort for having the glowing and smooth skin. It is necessary to do facial once in 4 weeks. Facial makes the natural appearance of healthiness on your skin. Every woman loved to do facial since ages. There are many natural methods to do facial with both simple and complicated techniques using the different types such as fruit facial, gold facial, whitening facial, diamond facial, pearl facial, chocolate, etc. Now you do not have to spend many time in parlors also do not have to pay thousands for getting the perfect facial. You can make your own facial pack at home with the easy methods. The first and foremost thing is to know your skin type then apply the facial suitable to your skin. Things you will need: Face Wash Towel Exfoliating Crea