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Pros and Cons of Nose Piercing

Nose Piercing - Pros & Cons - Aftercare

As the other body parts piercing, the method of nose piercing is the same but some people have been uncomfortable due to nose piercing and it happens when the proper caring procedure is not done after getting your nose pierced. The nasal part has delicate skin that becomes infected at the earliest sign so that you might feel discomfort and tissue damage. Nose piercing needs a proper care for reducing pain early.

Before Getting a Piercing

It is necessary to consult with your skin specialist for determining whether it is fine for getting your nose pierced or you cannot be able to get that. Sometimes it leads to the complications in your skin especially for those people who are already suffered with health condition. A doctor can give you a better advice so seeking medical advice is the initial step to consider.
pros and cons of nose piercing

Taking Care of the Piercing

After getting your nose pierced, now you would have to understand the proper caring of piercing to avoid any infection. You should wash the area daily for at least 2 times with an antiseptic solution to keep your piercing totally get rid of any germs and other infectious bacteria. You should not to touch the nose and jewellery otherwise the area will be affected badly and damage the tissue as well.

The Pros

  • Piercing looks beautiful.
  • Nose piercing is a common one and it does not cause severe pain.
  • As good as you take care of your piercing, the wounds will heal very rapidly.
  • A big collection of nose jewellery is available to choose from.
  • It is difficult for a piercer to make a mistake on nose piercing.
  • If you do not want anymore piercing, take this out so the hole will not be able to take long time to completely heal so there will not any scar left behind.

The Cons

  • Many employers will ask to remove them when you are on their locations.
  • Wounds can heal quickly if the jewelry will be removed for more than a couple of days.
  • While sleeping, the stud can fall out.
  • The hole can easily become infected, causing pain, disfigurement and bleeding can also occur.
pros and cons of nose piercing

Nose Piercing Aftercare

You can make your whole healing process painless and simple after nose piercing if you care properly. You can make these 4-6 weeks very easy and comfortable although a painless healing process. You should ask about the aftercare tips of nose piercing with the reputed piercer that make you realize and understand the accurate caring procedure.

Levels of Nose Piercing Care

Level 1 - Preparation

  • Firstly, you should prepare your mind that whether any type of piercing you are going to sport, but make sure that this will allow you to the place of work or business. When you want to remove the nose pins for a long period of time, it will never let you put on immediately because the hole will be filled up and close.
  • As we all know that the area of nose piercing is as sensitive as the nasal area so you should concern with the standard and professional piercer who will use the proper hygienic environment and instruments along with the proper precautions.

Level 2 - Taking Care of the Pierced Area

  • Remember to clean your hands before touching the pierced area. Cleanliness is the first requirement to make your piercing heals smoothly.
  • Using a saline solution and Q tips for cleaning the pierced area twice a day.
  • Do not try to cheat with the ring or jewellery you are wearing on the pierced area otherwise the infection will occur in that area and it will look messy.
  • Make sure to avoid components involved in your cosmetics as it may react with the pierced are also cleansing done with lotions or astringents may not be advisable.
  • It is good to leave the piercing till it is not healed completely. After you feel that it has been healed then you should replace the another piece of jewellery.
  • With care and precautions, try to reduce any bumps, rashes or raised skin around the pierced area.
  • Do not try to squeeze or burst the skin because it will lead into a worse condition. You should consult with the doctor or skin care expert so he will perfectly check that what kind of skin problem you are suffering with.
is nose piercing safe?

General Hints

  • A piercing is kind a groom up your looks but on the other hand if you want to look beautiful constantly so you should do an aftercare procedure for ensuring the healing without any contagion.
  • If we do not care, the piercing area will be messy and it will give an overlook that can be dangerous. The cleaning process is not so complicated and hard one. If you follow the cleanliness rules properly, you will find your healing process completes with the gentle manner without any complications.
  • Once you see the piercing area is healed completely, it still needs your concentration on cleaning it with the Q tip dipped in the warm water to clean the area.
  • You should try to make a habit of wearing nose pins or jewelry because they get stuck with many things so you should be in practice to avoid this from happening.
  • Make sure to use different ends of cotton bud for cleaning the top and bottom side of pierced area. Your hands should be clean before doing so.


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