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Pros and Cons of Nose Piercing

Nose Piercing - Pros & Cons - Aftercare As the other body parts piercing, the method of nose piercing is the same but some people have been uncomfortable due to nose piercing and it happens when the proper caring procedure is not done after getting your nose pierced. The nasal part has delicate skin that becomes infected at the earliest sign so that you might feel discomfort and tissue damage. Nose piercing needs a proper care for reducing pain early. Before Getting a Piercing It is necessary to consult with your skin specialist for determining whether it is fine for getting your nose pierced or you cannot be able to get that. Sometimes it leads to the complications in your skin especially for those people who are already suffered with health condition. A doctor can give you a better advice so seeking medical advice is the initial step to consider. Taking Care of the Piercing After getting your nose pierced, now you would have to understand the proper car

5 Natural Face Mask Recipes

Homemade Face Mask Recipes for Every Skin Types These natural face mask recipes have been written for the people whose lives are hectic and they do not find any time to go to spa for relaxation. For making your skin beautiful at home, follow these natural face mask recipes which will help you in boosting up your skin and making it naturally fresh and clean. Make sure that all the ingredients used in these masks are purely non-toxic. 1.  The Basic - Face Mask Add enough water in bentonite clay or kaolin clay and mix them well until it turns into a thick paste. Apply on the face with the help of circular motion of your hands till the whole area of the face covered completely. Let it dry and use a warm, wet washcloth to remove. It is good for all skin types. 2.  Tropical Face Mask Take one banana and mash it. Now mix 1 tbsp of honey in it to form a smooth paste. Apply on all over the face then leave it for 15 minutes at least. Rinse it out well. It is good fo

Shellac vs Gel Manicure - See the Difference

Pros and Cons of Shellac Manicure VS Gel Manicure Many kinds of manicure treatments have been available in the salons and each treatment gives different results. It is all just depend on the method of application, company’s brands and the products you are using. Here we discuss about the Pros and Cons of Shellac Manicure VS Gel Manicure in brief. Shellac Manicure Pros The long lasting result remains about 10 days. They keep your nails shiny whole time. They are tough just like your nails so there is no doubt of effect to them due to any cleaning, filing, and picking stickers off things, doing dishes. When you go out of salon, your drying time is finished and you would be free of any dents or smudges. Shellac Manicure Cons You would have to go back to salon for removing the Shellac manicure; sometimes it can’t be easy to do at home. It costs about $5 for the removing procedure at salon. If you are buying another manicure then you would get the opport

How to do Shellac Nails at Home

How to apply CND Shellac Nail Polish at Home Now it’s very simple to give a stylish touch to your nails at home . You will be instructed with the wondering and amazing method of doing a shellac style manicure at home with your own comfort ability. Here we are introducing you with some easy application methods. It is necessary to apply those products which would be protected your nails while doing the shellac style manicure. Bluesky Shellac Style gel nail polish is good for this purpose as it prevents your nails from any kind of damage. Things You Need Bluesky Shellac Nails Color Polish Base Coat Top Coat UV or LED Nail Lamp Alcohol Wipes to Remove Residues A Nail File Cuticle Pusher If you want to give a professional touch to your nails then it would be best to have those above mentioned products. Instructions Give a specific shape to all of your nails as you wish to have. Be sure that there should not be rough edges. Clean if fi