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Chocolate Face Mask Recipe

Recipes of Masks and Scrubs - English and Urdu For the nourishment of skin, this is highly motivated to do facial by making mask and scrubs own self. No worries about getting different kinds of expensive products and manufactures. You see lots of natural ingredients by your surrounding such as fruit and vegetable ingredients which are the most beneficial ways of getting your skin youthful and attractive. So there are chocolate face mask recipe discussing that will definitely help you in leaving your skin soft and gentle. Chocolate Face Mask Recipe For the glowing complexion, chocolate acts as an excellent moisturizer. Chocolate is not delicious enough only for eating, in fact it has some more benefits that are surprising. Chocolate can be used as a mask by following the method given below. Ingredients 1/4 cup of Honey 1/4 cup of Cocoa Powder 3-tbsp of Oatmeal Powder 2- tbsp of Thick Cream Directions Take all given ingredients in a small bowl and mix

How to Make your Hair Shiny and Silky

Beautiful Shiny and Silky Hair - English and Urdu Tips Healthy hairs are meant to have feeling like shiny and silky. If your hairs do not possess these characters then it means they are going to dry and breakable. It is just because of the absence of the natural oils that are essential for the healthy nature of hairs hence locking the moisture. Mostly the loss of shine in the hairs comes from the hereditary characters present in your family members. Every woman has the same question about “ How to get shiny and silky hair ”. Their dreams can only come true by doing some home remedies for making the damaged hair again in the healthy form. By following the methods given below, you can get your hair shiny and silky. Before taking bath, soak the mustard in warm water and then pour it in the hair then massage for few minutes and at last wash out the hair. Hair will be smooth and silky. Do not use broken comb in your hair because it causes damage to the hair and also avoid using

Pros and Cons of Belly Button Piercing

Belly Button Piercing - Risks, After care & Dealing with Infections and Pain New fashion trend of belly button piercing is highly demand-able and at very low risk. This type of piercing is something like a curved barbell-shaped piece of jewellery which is just pierced on the above side of belly button. In a short way, if we talk about belly button piercing so it is a meaningless because of its easy way without any unsafe matter. Deciding a belly button piercing has some dangerous assumptions on the other hand because it has some risks which should be remember to think first before taking this step. There might appear a sign of infection after belly button piercing that from infectious and harmful bacteria, bleeding in an excess amount, tissue scar (includes thick, discolored keloid scars), nerve damaging, allergies due to the metal present in the jewellery. These dangerous symptoms of piercing can be avoided through some identical ways of getting this fashion in a professional

Face Exercises to look Younger

Exercises to Look Healthier and Younger Facial skin is known as the main organ that is involved in enhancing your beauty by taking care of it. To make yourself look handsome, you should do facial exercises daily for fitness to look healthier and younger . Good nutritional intake and healthier diet is one of the best things because food contents have an important role to give you all aspects that are essential for your healthier skin. Remove The Wrinkles By Exercises It is very important to do daily exercises of face to reduce the wrinkles which often shows the look older and the healthier and younger face turns to old aged face. Following are the most recommendable and useful face exercises for fitness to look younger . Puff your cheeks out and pressed inside. Move your face right and left for several times. Move your neck around. Move your eyelids for about 2 to 3 minutes. Close your eye lashes and open again. These exercises are necessary to do twice

10 Ways to Get Rid of Dark Underarms

Home Remedies for Dark Underarms Dark underarms can be described as a dark complexion of the skin as compare to the whole colour of body. Mostly Asian girls have dark armpits problem. It is not an infection and does not need any prescription. The darkness of underarms would be happened mostly due to the excessive use of alcoholic deodorants, perfumes, sprays, use of hair removing cream on daily basis, poor ventilation of underarms, due to the sun burning because ultraviolet rays exposed for a longer period of time under the armpits, excessive sweating, harder smoking and due to some health problems such as chubbiness or diabetes. Asian Women try thousands of different and expensive creams for dark armpits. But at the same time, these products are harmful and can get you in many side effects that might be a huge risk in the future and do not show you a good result. So now there you will be introduced with the natural nutrients through which you can easily make remedies at your h

Herbal Tea Weight Loss

Weight Loss with Herbal Tea Now losing weight is much easier by natural herbs and nutrients. By following our tips, you can loss your weight in just little time. Take 6 cups of herbal tea daily throughout the day. It is the best time to take it before breakfast when your stomach is empty. The preparation of herbal tea is given below. Ingredients Ispaghula husk – 2 tbsp Honey – 1 tbsp Kalonji – 1 pinch Lemon Squeeze ½ Black pepper – 1 pinch Apple cider vinegar – 1 tsp Few mint leaves Tobasco or red chilli sauce – 4 drops Preparation of Herbal Tea Mix all that ingredients in a full glass of luke warm water and then drink this tasteful herbal tea daily half an hour after your meals. Store this mixture in the refrigerator. In two to three months, you will see the effective result. Tips of Weight Loss Each food enriched with fibres. Walk here and there for half an hour after every meal. Before meal and 2 hours after meal, drin

Unwanted Facial Hair Treatment

How to Get Rid of Unwanted Hair on the Face Some of our body parts have hairs which do not have any function and importance therefore they are totally unwanted and can be easily reduced throughout your body. The parts may be upper lips, chins, side bums. This problem is common in every woman due to hereditary characteristics, ethnicity and at the time of changes in hormones takes place, etc. You will get rid of the unwanted hair by the help of tweezers, creams, wax and other methods but on the other hand, if you want the immediate treatment at your home then you can make your own face wash and cream for reducing the unwanted hair . Methods are as follows: Ingredients for Cream 1. Skinoren Cream - 1/3 tube 2. Hydrocortisone 1% - 20gm 3. Banyan Tree Gum – 1tsp 4. Glycerin – 1tbsp 5. Rose Water – 1tsp Method Mix all the ingredients given above one by one and then apply on your face and leave it overnight. After that massage using face wash and then rinse it

5 Amazing Benefits of Vitamin C

5 Beauty Benefits of Vitamin C - Urdu & English Foods we take in are enriched with vitamins and they play different roles from each other. Vitamin C is included in our diet and very essential for the sake of better health. It gives energy strength to our body. Vitamin C is also used as a beauty supplement that holds a great reward for making the whole body beautiful outside. Nutritional diet is responsible for creating and maintaining collagen that is present as glue like material in our body. The functional expect of collagen is that it strengthens the vessels and makes the skin elastically smooth. Improving your nails, hair or skin must depends on your daily intake of vitamin C in a proper and balanced amount because of its solubility in water so that is why it is not stored anywhere in your body but get dissolved with your blood. The beauty benefits of vitamin C are described below. 1.  Promotes Hair Health Vitamin C is an effective natural nutrient that simultan

Homemade Nail Care Beauty Tips

Nail Care Beauty Tips in Urdu & English Every women want to look groomed because they are gifted with a beauty and it is up to a woman that how she grooms herself and her appearance. Nails are one of the most important things included in maintenance of beauty. Caring the nails is very important because it takes part in enhancing your beauty further more. Here are some remedies which you can easily prepare at your home. 1 st Remedy for Delicate Nails This remedy is for those who possess delicate nails and this is made by following ingredients. This solution is called sea salt soak. Fine grain sea salt Lemon oil or lemon juice F rankincense essential oil Myrrh essential oil Wheat germ oil The method is very easy that you just have to add 2 drops of these oils one by one in a two table spoon fine grain salt and then add them into warm water. Soak your nails in this solution for about 10 to 15 minutes. Your nails will gradually become soft and gentle a

How to Do Skin Whitening Facial

Skin Whitening Facial Tips Urdu & English First cleanse your face with a good quality of cleanser for 5 minutes and then rub it with a sponge. During the cleansing, wet your hands with water again and again. Now scrub your face with an apricot scrub. Start with a neck and massage from the top. When all of the face is scrubbed then rub it with a sponge. If there is black heads or white heads so do not rub the scrub, but take steam. Now remove the black heads with the help of black head remover applicator or tissue. Now clean it with the sponge. T one your skin with the help of toner. After that massage your face with a cucumber cream. Do not rub the cream but apply mask over the cream. Mud mask is the best. Method of Preparing Mud Mask Take a dry mask and add egg yolk and milk in it and then mix well. Now apply this mask all over your face. When it gets dry then remove it by rubbing your hands on the face. Now wash your face with cold water. See Mor

How to take Care of your Cuticles

Healthy Cuticles Tips in Urdu & English When thinking of nail care , the first thought comes in mind that how to protect them from peeling, chipping and cracking, how to give shape to the nails and applying nail polish. The cuticles, a part around the fingernail is also included in the health and neatness for a good appearance of nails. If cuticles are not carefully protect, it affects the nails badly and gets dry, also reach to some risk of infection. If you do not want to get disappointed then follow these steps. 1.  Moisture the Nails Whenever you moisturize your hands, the cuticles become hydrated and then after few seconds it gets dry and always thirsty for hydration. It becomes hard when your hands are used in working with chemicals without wearing hand gloves. So, let’s start to moisturize your nails and fingertips twice every day. 2.  Never Cut Cuticles Cuticles play an important role of protecting the nail roots from any attack by harmful bacteria. If the