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6 Common Skin Problems and Solutions

Skin Problems and Solutions Sometimes, skin gets involved in many kinds of problems that will be the reason of many skin diseases and reactions. In that way skin destroys completely. For this, skin care products are available in the market that helps the skin to exfoliate because the result in the stimulation of collagen in the skin. Here are the top six problems of the skin and their solutions. 1.  Fine Wrinkles The main skin problem is the appearance of wrinkles on the skin which gives the bad effect to the skin. The reason for the appearance of fine wrinkles is the sun and its rays which reaches to the extra collagen layers of the skin and makes it in trouble by producing wrinkles. You can get rid of these fine wrinkles by the help of this solution: Use creams that regards contain exfoliates because it helps in the softness of the skin and make wrinkles less visible and gradually the fine wrinkles will be totally vanished. If you buy the exfoliate and it contains

Eyes Beautiful Care Tips

Make Eyes Beautiful Tips in Urdu and English Eyes are one of the most attractive and beautiful features. You can say everything just with your eyes because an eye speaks what do you think and what is in your heart.  Everybody has different shapes of eyes like small or big but both of the eyes can be very defined if it is made perfectly. You should learn that how you can make your eyes beautiful according to its shape. Here are some of the tips given for making the eyes as beautiful as you want. Remember that in old age, women should not apply the deep kajal and eye liner because they are not suitable for them also for the women who possess fair colour complexion. For enhancing your eyes, you should draw a line from the middle of your upper lashes to the middle of your lower lashes with the help of liner or brush. This line should near to the roots of eye lashes.   Sometimes it may be allergic to use the cosmetic products for some women. Eyes start to flow due to the

How to Reduce Under Eye Circles

Eye Dark Circles Removal Tips English and Urdu Dark circles are the common problem happened to almost everyone. One of the reasons of dark circles is the lack of sleep, due to fatigue, tiredness, etc. People feel themselves very dull and weak because they are noticed by the other and then this can also make them hesitated in front of others. They feel very embarrassed due to having lack of confidence. Confidence comes with the beauty on your face. Remember, if you are internally tired, you are automatically physically tired. Here are some useful tips which may help you in getting rid of dark circles and make your eyes beautiful. Vitamin “E” is very essential for your skin. Apply the oil of Vitamin “E” underneath the eye; you will see the difference gradually. One banana, one cup of papaya and one cup of guava is very necessary to eat in order to reduce the dark circles. You can also eat these fruits by mixing them together cut in cubes. Mix few drops of jasmine flowe

How to Get Rid of Burn Marks on Skin

Face Spot Removing Tips Homemade in English & Urdu: Burning skin can be due to some reasons. Usually this situation happens with the women, house wives, men who work in the factories, mills, etc. that they suffer from acid or fire burn. In this case, they need a quick treatment but mostly it may be seen that majority of the people do not know how to reduce any burn marks quickly at home. They consult with the doctor and get the medicine. Medication takes a long time to reduce the marks but if you apply our given tips, you will definitely get rid of your burn marks as soon as possible. Here are some of the tips which are as follows: Ingredients Mustard Oil - 1 Cup Jaggery Grounded - 1/2 Cup Instructions Take half cup of grounded jaggery, and mix it one cup of mustard oil. On a low flame, cook this mixture. When the jaggery becomes like a coal take it out from the stove. Strain out the mixture in some bottle so that the jaggery discards. Apply this o

Hip Pain Causes - Common Factors of Hip Suffering

The Main Causes of Hip Pain The cause of hip pain or painful hip bone happens due to some causative factors that usually occur inside the hip bone. Because of hip suffering, patient would have to go through many treatments of getting rid of this pain and he also cannot balance his body himself because the hip bone, commonly called pelvic girdle gets attacked due to some causes that can be only recognized after a huge diagnose. It is important to first diagnose the symptoms related to the disease of hip pain and then it should be properly treated. There are many causes of hip pain but all are treated differently. The conditions of hip suffering might be due to the painful hip joint, degeneration condition, fracture, or capsular tear. If the pain is ignored then it may be rise to the risk and will spontaneously spread out through the lumbar spine, a disc bulge or nerve. If it is perfectly diagnosed then it will easy for the doctors to examine the exact and latest sources of trea

Self Facial Massage - Easy and Quick

Step by Step Facial at Home An easy and quick home made remedy for facial which you can easily do at home without anyone help. Some important steps are there which give you guidance and instruction about how do to easy step by step facial at home . You'll have no need to go in beauty salon or beauty parlour. Step 1: Cleansing For cleansing the face, use non lathering cleanser . Apply cleanse on your face. M assage it after application of cleansing cream. Massage in circular manner on your face and neck thoroughly. Leave the cleanser for a few minutes on your face so that all the dirt, stale make-up and oils could dissolve completely. Take a cotton pads and gently wipe the cleanser off. Gently rinse off your face with warm water. Step 2: Scrubbing Scrub will help you to detached dead cells of the skin. Leave the face soft and beautiful . Wash your face with warm water. Using fingers, massage your face and neck with a good quality scrub in a

Facial Massage - Method to Look Younger Skin

Facial Massage - Step by Step Facial Massage  is very important and necessary to do after every one month. For doing facial , some important things that you need are: Gentle cleanser Exfoliating scrub Warm water & a  wash-cloth Clay-based or cream facial mask (based on skin type) Basic moisturizer 1. First Step is Cleansing of Face The first step before you start facial is you wash your face properly and yeah! While washing face, don't forget to wash your neck and ears because these are also included in the facial area. After that use a good facial cleanser that help you in removing the dirt and grime on your face. Facial Massage to Look Younger 2.  Second step is Exfoliating/Scrub the Face For the exfoliating the skin, rub your face gently with the help of using four fingers and exfoliate in a circular motion on the face. Work hard on the face where you feel greasy. Wash your face when you scrub tends to be drying. 3.  Third step

10 Beauty Tips

Top 10 Beauty Tips for Girls Here are amazing tips and ideas for girls who are really conscious about their beauty and take interests in reading and following the beauty tips which are meaningful and useful for them. The given top 10 tips are very much promising and result better. They are as follows: 1.  How to get Pearly White Teeth White teeth are one of the most important features of your face that's why you must take care of your teeth. Yellowness of teeth decreases your personality in front of others. Smiling and charming face looks beautiful when teeth are properly cared and contain pearly white glowing effect. If you want to get pearly white teeth, you should avoid taking tobacco, coffee and tea. If you are habitual of taking such substances then you should also make your habit to care your teeth and make them pearly. Beauty Tips for Girls 2.  Long Luscious Eyelashes Big eyes with a beautiful dramatic look always should have long, thick and luscious l

8 Methods to Reduce Belly Fat

How to Reduce Belly Fat - 8 Easy Methods Start your day with a glass of lemon juice , Half Lemon dissolve in one glass of water protects the body cells by changing in the chemicals present in it. Avoid White Rice (e.g. Boiled Rice). Take wheat chapatti and use it without refining. Avoid Sugar and Sweets made from that. Try to drink more and more water , drinking water time to time is very essential for the body because it washes the waste materials in the body and makes blood circulation fast. Also See,  Top 10 Ways to Get Rid of Your Pot Belly Eat garlic cloves daily . In every morning, eating the cloves of garlic with the lemon juice helps the blood to circulate faster in the body. Strictly avoid the lean meat or take in a lower amount. Add fruits and vegetables more in your diet. Add cinnamon sticks , turmeric powder, grinder ginger, white cumin seeds and black pepper that are very important ingredients that never let the cholesterol and sugar